Sunday, June 30, 2013

little almost update.

in the last several months i have drafted a large number of posts and only posting a handful.

i haven't been able to grasp how my emotions have changed since my time as a full-time missionary. and where i can't even believe it has been more than 9 months now i have been home. though certainly for the best but that best surely knows how to get the best of me. by golly it does.

when at one time i was needed, kids would run to play with us, calling me names. grown adults would open up their lives to us and often to the point of tears. i felt like i had something to offer.

where i did have the best thing to offer. the lulls and routine of day to day life often often become a rat race to who is the top dog. a competition we didn't realize we were in. going to school, studying, and working, and worrying about our own lives--as incredibly important as that all that is--we are here on earth to better ourselves and progress. it is just a different focus i had not been used to.

now what do i have to offer, besides all this taking i feel i am doing?

we feel significant and important when we are important to others. had me again realize how others need to know how i appreciate them.

.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

on another note. . . .

i am engaged to be married!

details to follow....

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